Monday, December 14, 2009

Here is my celebration animation.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cross Country...

At the start line all the competitive children were eagerly awaiting for the race to start. My heart was pounding with nervous excitement. I was jittery and jumpy.

BANG! Mr Burt's clappers went and all the children ran with a burst of speed. As I was powering ahead with my friend I jostling for position. " Ouch " I said " Did someone poke me".

Exhausted with aching muscles my lungs were screaming. I asked myself if I was able to continue. I was lagging behind my muscles were straining with burning lungs.

While I was running I could feel the mud squelching on my feet. As soon as I caught up to my friend Athena I yelled out " Can you wait for me please " and she stopped. We started to walk and we talked and took our time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My friend Angela

Hello my name is Sylvia and I'd just like to talk about another friend which is more like all my other friends Angela. Angela is a humorous and lovely friend. We fight a lot but the next day it is better and we start playing around and having fun. The best thing I like about her is when she See's me and I am lonely she will ask if I want to play with her and her other friends. We both met in room11 and then we went to room12 and 13 and we came to room15 and that's how we became best friends. Angela is a girl that anyone would want to be friends with because tells real funny jokes. Well that's all the time I got for now so bye!!!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My friend Mubasshira

I have probably have already said my name lots of times but anyway I'd just like to talk about my friend Mubasshira. Mubasshira is a smart and kind girl to me and a lot of other people. We always help each other with our work and when we a hurt. What I like about Mubasshira is that she uses her manners and the other thing I really like about her is that she always tries her best. The thing I like the most about her is when she is really helpful. She is a really kind girl that people would want to be friends with. Well that's it for now see you next time bye.

My friend Reina

Hello my name is Sylvia 
and I just want to tell you about my friend Reina. We both met in room15 and we have been friends ever since. Reina is a good and honest friend to me she doesn't lie to me. Reina is in my maths group and reading group. Reina is really smart at her maths but she sometimes needs help with her reading activitys. Reina is a fun and caring girl she will help me if I am hurt or stuck with something. Reina is a good and funny girl that I can always trust. Well that's it for now bye. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My best friend Jarna

Hello my name is Sylvia  and I'd like to just talk about my best friend Jarna. Well it all started in kindergarten when me and Jarna met we always use to play with each other. I always use to kind of play rough on her.Everytime when we had to go eat and play I sometimes use to take her lunch. Jarna was a smart girl in kindergarten she knew good and bad things so I wasn't that good in kindergarten. Then we both turned 5 years old and we went to the same school Pt England priamy school. We were both in the same class on our first day of school. Belive me I we still fought in there so the teacher caught us and Jarna had to go to room 2 and we never fought again. After we kept on changing classes. But right now she is in my class again room 15 and year 5. She is a really smart and funny girl that is really good at the sport soccer she would always ask me to practise with her. Jarna is a really good friend to ask to play with because she is a fair and funny girl. Jarna is my best friend in the whole wide world and I think I would never forget she was my best friend in the world.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Immersion Assembly

As I walked into the assembly hall it was like I had stepped into a fairytale book. I saw all the teachers dressed up in fairytale costumes, I was getting confused. The person I was most shocked at was Mrs Nua she was dressed as a sympathetic fairy godmother with a wand as well. Suddenly Mr Burt came walking in and yelled out"Has anyone seen my beautiful princess"? All the kids replied back"NO". He was holding a glass cup pretending it was the glass slipper and was dressed in a green and white funny costume with white and black shoes. He told all the teachers to come on the stage.
The teacher I loved the best was Ms Vaafusuaga she was dressed as Puss in boots . She had boots, hat and was dressed in black. She looked cool. It was amazing she even spoke the kind of language that Puss in boots spoke.

My next favourite teacher was Mrs Nua she was really pretty, she had a fabulous and
beautiful dress and her hair actually matched her clothes. She had a wand and she looked magical and mysterious.

It was an awesome immersion assembly, one I would never forget. I feel very happy about this terms topic 'The Art in Storytelling'. It is really cool that we are learning about fairy tales more and more. It is really cool our topic this term. I love it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My information about the Megalosaurus

The Megalosaurus was a lizard hipped dinosaur also a saurischian and it name means great lizard. It lived about 170 million years ago,at a time when the earth was mild. The world's plants were large and plentiful,as in a rain forest today. There were forest trees such as conifers,cycads and ginkoes,ferns and horse-tails grew on the ground. This scene would have been home to Megalosaurus.  

A Megalosaurus was a large meat-eating predator. It's jaws were packed with sharp,serrated teeth which curved backwards into it's mouth. They were ideal for cutting through meat.

We know that it lived about 170 million years ago,at a time when the earth's weather was mild.  The world's plants were large and plentiful,as in a rain forest today. There were forest trees such as conifers cycads and ginkgoes ,and ferns and horse-tails grew on the ground. This scene would have been home to Megalosaurus.

Some people belive that the dinosaurs died because a metephore hit earth. Others said that a volcano erupted and all the dinosaurs got wiped out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


BoldMegalosaurus is a meat-eating dinosaur.
Enormous dinosaur that hunts for meat.
Gets up straight away and runs for it.
Away it goes sprinting for his meat.
Large and huge.
Over and under it goes to chase it's dinosaur.
Saurichian and lizard-hipped.
Allosaurus and Megalosaurus fighting and biting.
Under hiding so his enemy does not see him.
Running to catch it's prey.
Under already dead dinosaurs.
Standing in one spot ready to chase and eat.Thank-you for the awesome photo

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Immersion Assembly.

On Monday Pt England school had an Immersion Assembly. We were talking about Dino-Might the new thing the school was learning about this term in the hall.

All the teachers had to do an Item about dinosaurs. The first teachers that went up were Mrs.Lal,Mrs.Wild,Mrs.George and Mrs.Katu.Theyn were making a film for team 1. They did a video about them in the jungle smiling behind bushes. When they were finished they held up cardboard's that said''We Are Not Extinct (Yet)''.

Team 2 was next. The teachers were awesome It was Miss Va'afusuaga,Mrs Glaze and Mrs She. They did a rap about dinosaurs and they did a dance about the rap too. They were really great.

Team 3 did an item about searching for fossils. They were pretending to be paleontologists. They were using shovels ,magnifying glasses,computers and back -packs. They found really big bones and it was really interesting.

Team 4 was next. It was Mrs Nua,Ms King,Ms Squires and Mr Palmer. They did a film about them reading in the library. They all had an awful dream about them being in a jungle with all the dinosaurs chasing them. It was a really cool and interesting movie to watch.

The E-learning team were Mrs Burt and Mrs Tele'a. They were cool too they did a film about them taking a computer and Mrs Tele'a was Mrs Burt's tree. Both of them were awesome. [They were cool].

When all the films were finished I couldn't really feel my legs and I was yawning to much. Learning about dinosaurs is really cool I think nexty year I am still going to think about dinosaurs and I think it was a good idea to learn about dinosaurs.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Camp Aratika.

Last last week on Wednesday,Thursday and Friday year 5 and 6 had a camp called Camp Aratika. We camped in our tents out on the school field. We had groups and they were called the True Crew,the Honest Crew,the Care Crew, the Responsibles,the Thinkers and the Participators. I was in the True Crew.

My favourite activity at camp was Rock climbing at Panmure. There was a King Kong one and I made it up to the top. I had a really good time at Rock climbing because if I want to come down we just let go and the rope it just pulls itself. There was an Indiana Jones one that I climbed 4 times and all the other ones just twice. That was my most favourite day ever. Then we had to get all our stuff and return to school and have dinner and go to sleep.

Reaching for the next hold like I am climbing a big rocky mountain.
Obeying the rock climbing rules for safety and for no danger.
Clutching onto the walls like a monkey swinging from branch to branch to get some bananas.
Keeping it real by helping people putting there belts on.
Climbing the King Kong tower trying to beat King Kong’s record.
Locked my fingers in the holds trying not to fall because I want to beat Indiana Jones tower.
I was climbing the walls but my hands were slippery and I nearly fell down.

Monday, March 2, 2009

cooperative challenge.

Last week on Tuesday at 9:30 room 15 went to the hall and played a game. Ms Squires gave out newspaper and we got three each. We had to stand on the newspaper and jump and make it from the beginning of the hall to the end.

We had to get into groups of four and in my team was Troy, Seini-Mino, Marven, Dillion and me. We had to get on a newspaper with a partner from your own team. My partner was Seini-Mino. Every single team weren't allowed to touch the ground or we would have to start at the beginning.

When I heard we had decided to slide on the newspapers I got all nervous. But when I did it, it was kind of easy. Everybody was concentrating and some people were moaning. My team was yelling and we planned to keep on passing it on and jumping. All the teams were great.

Ms Squires was taking photos of us playing the game. My team was falling over everywhere. We were pushing each-other to make them hurry-up.

We started to rip the newspaper because we weren't carefull enough. Marven and Dillion were fast. Seini-mino and I were as fast as cheetahs.

Troy didn't want to play so we got Jonathan from the other team. We only had four people because our team was being naughty. My team nearly won but Ala's team won. Lepa's team came second and my team came third. Toreka's team came last. When my team came third I was like yay we came third and then we got our shoes and we went back to class. When we got to class I sat on the mat and I felt really really happy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last week on Thursday we did a game in the hall after morning tea. We had to wait and sit on the floor to wait for Lepa and Matthew to get all the balls and hockey sticks and all the cones. Ms Squires had to set the cones out. After that we had to get one piece of paper and one pencil each. We got three turns each and had to get into partners. My partner was Jane. She was the first one to go up and dribble the ball around the cones. But the last cones were very difficult because they were very close to each-other. While Jane and the other kids were dribbling the ball, we were timing them to see how long they took. Her first time was 1:39. After her turn it was my turn. I went around all the cones but I got up to the difficult part but I went slow. My first time was 1:09. Then Jane and I lined up again to play again. Her second time was 49 seconds and my second time was 39 seconds. Her last time was higher than her second time. It was 1:08. My last time It was 28 seconds and she said"I was fast"and I said thank-you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rainbows End

On Friday in the holidays I went to Rainbows End. I went with my twin cousins Dawn and Dawn. I went on the Fearfall and I felt like I was going to puke. Despite that it was so much fun that I went on it two times.
After that I went on the dogems. I crashed into this girl driving so I said, ''Sorry.'' Then she said 'It's fine''.
When It was finished I got out and ran to my mum and we went on the roller coaster. The roller coaster was so cool and fun that I went on it three times. The roller coaster was like I was going to fall upside down.
Next my mum said, ''Do you want to go on the pirate ship?" I said, ''Okay''. It was so cool it felt like I was going to fall down the boat when it went to the bottom. My cousin was going to puke on the pirate ship and I thought it was going to break because there were lots of people on it. After that we all went home and on the way there we got ice cream. We went to the beach to eat our ice creams. When we finished we had are little swim.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to Room 15 from Ms Squires

Hi Sylvia, welcome to Room 15 and your new blog. This is your own place to share your stories, poems and thoughts about different topics. You will be able to also post any podcasts or videos you make and any of your e-learning tasks you complete throughout the year. Don't forget to let all your family know so they can see what you have been up to and can leave you comments.
Happy Blogging!!