Monday, December 3, 2012

Olympic Movie

This was made by 4 of our Year 8 Students in Room 20 including me. We got given the task to make a short Movie about the "Olympic Games". I was excited to work with these 3 students: Lesley, Awhina and Aliza. Enjoy:-)

Orientation Day

Here’s me thinking it was going to be a normal Thursday. Little did I know, the teacher’s had already made plans for the Year 8’s pretty much the whole day. Stroking my hair away from my face, I blinked repeatedly as if I was lost. Letting out a big sigh, I followed on after the others.

The Dean of Tamaki College Mrs George, pointed us in directions. We had three rotations of classes: Science, English and Music. First pick wasn’t an option, nor was having a prefect with you or not. I wiped the small drops off my tan forehead, slipped off my jacket and let out a huge blow.

Science was by far the best. My group and I were having discussions on how the finishing product was going to look like. As I gave myself a breezy wave, my cheeks went bright red. The hokey pokey boiled up very fast, though we were frightened by the flame. Soon, our hokey pokey was all ready to eat and enjoy. I learnt a lot from Science, I look forward to doing it next year as a Year 9.

I know I’ll be back Next Year to do more of this fun stuff as a Year 9. I look forward to meeting new students from other Intermediate’s and making friends with those. I’d also like to thank Mrs George, Mr Dunn and all the Prefects that helped. It was an awesome experience.