Monday, December 3, 2012

Olympic Movie

This was made by 4 of our Year 8 Students in Room 20 including me. We got given the task to make a short Movie about the "Olympic Games". I was excited to work with these 3 students: Lesley, Awhina and Aliza. Enjoy:-)

Orientation Day

Here’s me thinking it was going to be a normal Thursday. Little did I know, the teacher’s had already made plans for the Year 8’s pretty much the whole day. Stroking my hair away from my face, I blinked repeatedly as if I was lost. Letting out a big sigh, I followed on after the others.

The Dean of Tamaki College Mrs George, pointed us in directions. We had three rotations of classes: Science, English and Music. First pick wasn’t an option, nor was having a prefect with you or not. I wiped the small drops off my tan forehead, slipped off my jacket and let out a huge blow.

Science was by far the best. My group and I were having discussions on how the finishing product was going to look like. As I gave myself a breezy wave, my cheeks went bright red. The hokey pokey boiled up very fast, though we were frightened by the flame. Soon, our hokey pokey was all ready to eat and enjoy. I learnt a lot from Science, I look forward to doing it next year as a Year 9.

I know I’ll be back Next Year to do more of this fun stuff as a Year 9. I look forward to meeting new students from other Intermediate’s and making friends with those. I’d also like to thank Mrs George, Mr Dunn and all the Prefects that helped. It was an awesome experience.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Farmhouse

As Leslie walked cautiously through the grassy path, a ray of sun pierced through the clouds. Trying to avoid the murky puddles, she smiled with relief as she could no longer feel droplets falling on her. Sweat dripped down Leslie’s tan face, as she walked continuously for hours.

She’d always fought and argued with her stepmother, but this time it was personal. So she fled. Just as Leslie was looking for shelter, the sky turned dim and gloomy. Walking towards a figure in the distance was salvation. As she reached the farm barn, the door creaked open slowly as she made her way in.

Opposite her was a, stack of hay. Well its all there was, so she slept on the stack of hay overnight. Waking up early in the morning, Leslie continued her journey for salvation.  On her journey she had to face daring, treacherous pathways. She also encountered with a rattle snake.

Leslie had always feared snakes and so the day had to face her fears...or run. She ran for her life and out of nowhere, a helicopter came to her rescue. “HELP! HELP!” Leslie yelled jumping up and down. With her cold hand, she felt her heartbeat and safely climbed the ladder up to the door.

To her amazement, her real mother appeared to be seated in the helicopter. “MUM”, cried Leslie.
They lived happily ever after.

Thanks to Mino for accompanying me with this Writing.

The Bush

“It’s an awesome view isn’t it George?” Nina asked aloud.
“I agree” George replied.
Green trees blew from side to side, sending shivers down my spine. The citrul air had a funky smell to it. Who knew what it could be? As we carried on following a muddy path, the sky became dull and blurry. I was starting to have second thoughts about taking a shortcut.

I thought a dull sky could possibly lead to rain. “Anything to eat?” George groaned. I hushed him with an angry tone in my voice. This path is getting us nowhere, I mumbled to myself. Jumping and climbing over brick walls, I gasped for breath and finally admitted I was scared. Were we ever gonna make it home before dark? I thought to myself.

There was a change in my view as I looked way ahead. George and I decided to pace ourselves a little faster, though we didn’t know where we were going exactly. “Could that be.....?” George stuttered. The both of us ran with a feeling of relief. With luck on our side, we were finally on our way home... Thankfully!

As I wiped the sweat off my forehead, I thought back to what I thought, was an endless nightmare. While we walked back home nice and easy, we grinned at each other. George looked like a walking zombie and as for me.. I was thinking of what to say when Mum asks us “Where were you?”
“Promise me, we are never to take shortcuts again” George protested with his hand out.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Show Not Tell

This Morning, Room 20 yet again, did another Show Not Tell. As students, we had to describe what we could see in this picture about the setting and the characters. BUT.. We had to show not tell. That only means we couldn't give the idea away, we had to give hints. Now, you tell Me... Do you get the idea from my Paragraph? 

“SEARCH FOR HIM THAT WAY!” I heard a soldier command. With sweat sliding down the side of my face, I continuously ran puffing and panting. The ground was shrouded in wet, sticky mud. As I stealthily peeked through the damp tree branches, water droplets began to fall and slide down my hair. The clouds darkened.

Writing Practice

“Ally” I heard Mum yelling to me down the hall. “You up yet?” I predicted the weather was going to be fine. It always was. I opened the curtains to the sun gazing through my windows. I threw on a pair of shorts, my green singlet and and completed my look with a pair of jandals. BEEP! BEEP! I glanced at the clock and saw it was going on eleven o'clock. I sighed, "The beach couldn't be that busy!"

The drive usually seemed to take forever but this time I was too busy thinking about what I could do. “Finally, what we came here for" I heard my brother Sione say. Looking through the glassy window, clear blue water had caught my eyes. The light coloured sand had blown me away. It felt as if I was in heaven. "Relax? Play? Eat? Sleep?" I said aloud. "First thing you can do is set up Darling" My mother grinned. I turned off for a moment there.

As I was laying down the mat, I heard a cry. "AAARGH! Why me?" I looked up and noticed a crowd of people gathering near the groyne. I made my way slowly and cautiously to have a peek. My eyes widened with a sigh. The sight I saw disgusted me. A teary eyed man named Andy, laid there with 4 toes instead of 5. People around him asked what caused this injury. He replied breathing loudly "I was searching for some shells and out of nowhere, a crab bit my toe off". At first, I found it hard to believe.

I pulled out my phone and dialled 911. A man answered and I explained to him the reason I called on such a beautiful day. He said "I'll be there right away!" I stuck with the man while families started to leave, one by one. Andy  was struggling to hack the pain, but I stayed with him though. With all the strength he had left, the injured man squeezed me and said "Thank You Ally". He was taken to a safe place.

Ok, I admit today was pretty stressing. But.... A man thanked me?? For all the effort and care I put into making sure he was safe and well looked after. I was proud myself as well! I didn't care that I never got to have fun, it mattered to me a lot that I got to save a life.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Iosefo - My Inspiration

Joshua Iosefo, his Mother and his Father were visiting the Year 7 and 8 students of Pt England School. He was here to recite the Spoken Word he had written and presented through Campbell Live and school. We had the opportunity to listen and observe what he had to say.

After Joshua had inspired us with his word, he was keen to answer some questions we had prepared for him. He had been entertaining us the whole way through, which made me laugh quite a bit. It was an awesome experience to have with him and his parents. I enjoyed it.

He shared with all of us how he wrote his poem and how he got all his ideas. Does the play Sinarella sound familiar? Apparently, that play had inspired him in different ways. However... What he said were also based on true stories, what he had seen and how he saw the world. “I could listen to him all day” I thought to myself.

I thought listening to Joshua speak was worth all the time we had. I’d seen confident people speaking in front of a crowd before, but to take a risk and fight for brown people... Now that’s what you call a hero. He has a gift. A great one as well.