Thursday, April 9, 2009

Camp Aratika.

Last last week on Wednesday,Thursday and Friday year 5 and 6 had a camp called Camp Aratika. We camped in our tents out on the school field. We had groups and they were called the True Crew,the Honest Crew,the Care Crew, the Responsibles,the Thinkers and the Participators. I was in the True Crew.

My favourite activity at camp was Rock climbing at Panmure. There was a King Kong one and I made it up to the top. I had a really good time at Rock climbing because if I want to come down we just let go and the rope it just pulls itself. There was an Indiana Jones one that I climbed 4 times and all the other ones just twice. That was my most favourite day ever. Then we had to get all our stuff and return to school and have dinner and go to sleep.

Reaching for the next hold like I am climbing a big rocky mountain.
Obeying the rock climbing rules for safety and for no danger.
Clutching onto the walls like a monkey swinging from branch to branch to get some bananas.
Keeping it real by helping people putting there belts on.
Climbing the King Kong tower trying to beat King Kong’s record.
Locked my fingers in the holds trying not to fall because I want to beat Indiana Jones tower.
I was climbing the walls but my hands were slippery and I nearly fell down.


  1. Hey Sylvia

    That was a very good story you wrote about Rock Climbing at Camp Aratika because you added lots of interesting words in that story. And I liked the way you added your feelings in your story. Well done

    your Sincerely Jane and Jarna

  2. I like your rock climbing movie and the story I hope you take some time to finish it Sylvia.Your brother Sione

  3. Great Work Sylvia,

    I really like your animation! I really enjoyed your story too!

    Grace ( your mum )


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