Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last week on Thursday we did a game in the hall after morning tea. We had to wait and sit on the floor to wait for Lepa and Matthew to get all the balls and hockey sticks and all the cones. Ms Squires had to set the cones out. After that we had to get one piece of paper and one pencil each. We got three turns each and had to get into partners. My partner was Jane. She was the first one to go up and dribble the ball around the cones. But the last cones were very difficult because they were very close to each-other. While Jane and the other kids were dribbling the ball, we were timing them to see how long they took. Her first time was 1:39. After her turn it was my turn. I went around all the cones but I got up to the difficult part but I went slow. My first time was 1:09. Then Jane and I lined up again to play again. Her second time was 49 seconds and my second time was 39 seconds. Her last time was higher than her second time. It was 1:08. My last time It was 28 seconds and she said"I was fast"and I said thank-you.


  1. hlleo sylvia I in your blog I saying that have
    you finsh your e-iearning task yes or No

  2. Hi sylvia
    that was cool story and movie.

  3. Hi sylvia nice story and great words I hope you Were happy when you were playing...


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