Thursday, May 12, 2011


I might have looked alright on the outside but on the inside it was a different feeling. My heart couldn't stop racing when I got told that we were having our vaccinations today. I was saying over and over again in my head “You can do this”.

I slowly peeked into the hall and then slowly walked inside to see what was happening. Two girls in front of me started walking in to have their turn. The first girl went in, the second girl went in, and then finally my turn had come.

I walked in with my hands shaking and my heart beating fast. A lady put her hand up and waved it at me to go to her. I walked hurriedly to the lady to get the needle in my arm over and done with.

I tried not to look scared at that same time she pulled out some of the swabs. She pulled out the needle and boy did it make me shiver and shake with some fear. She got the needle ready. I tried to distract myself by playing with my fingers. Then.....

Before you knew it, the vaccination was all over. It felt like the needle had pinched my arm. It left a little blood on my arm but it wasn't the end of the world yet. They softly put a swab on my arm and then stuck some sellotape on it to make it stick.

We soon had to take it off and chuck it in the bin. Before I could say ‘OUCH!’ I was walking back to class without any tears and without me shaking and shivering. Well that was another day of a needle through my arm.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geometry Translations

In Room20 we have been learning about a learning area in maths: Geometry. In Geometry we have been learning about Translations. No not the language translations but the Geometry kind. Geometry translations means: Moving shapes without making it bigger, smaller or anything else, just moving. The main point of this photo was to:
1. Find a grid and add it to a new google docs drawing.
2. I had to add a shape, well in my case my shape was a square.
3. I copied the square and moved the square 2 down and 2 across.
4. I took a photo and I uploaded it on my blog so you can all see.
That was all we learnt today. I really look forward to learning more about Geometry in the future!