Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Apprentice Animators

The Extension group had an opportunity to study and learn about art by the Apprentice Animators. Ali, Maka and Nils introduced themselves and wasted no time. They convinced each and everyone of us, that animating really was the best.

A slideshow was made and produced by Ali and his crew. It was filled with pictures that happened to be the very first moving ones created by people in the nineteen hundreds. We were all fascinated by what people had created back in the day. When we got that completely sorted, the group was introduced to Zoetropes.

Practicing how to split lines seemed to be the most important step if you wanted your ace your Zoetrope. I struggled while we were splitting lines, but as we got more and more excises to do, the much easier I had thought it got. After we got that under way, we were taking it a step further. Ali & his crew showed us a demonstration of the Zoetrope, it was awesome! It was creative and successfully made by a unique mind. To end the lesson, we were going to make our very first project with Ali, Maka and Nils.

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