Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camp Day 2

Most of us campers were exhausted, freezing and worrying about looks in the morning. As for me, I was too busy shivering to say or do anything. I peeked out of my tent and walked out looking confused. As I strolled onto the bottom field, I heard music which gave me memories when I was young, ‘JUMP JAM!’ Teachers were persuading us to join in because it was fun but it felt like punishment from where I was standing. Besides the yawning, exhaustion and the shivering, it felt like the day was going good.

I have to admit, day 2 went splendidly well than I thought it would go. I loved all of the activities but I perfer to tell you my favourite highlight for the day. With a nice hot touch to the day, I was enjoying it so far.

Food Prep had to be my highlight for the day and not just because I heard the word ‘FOOD’ but because it was fun. I learnt something even outside of camp. Anyway, Joe, Lesley, Havea, Unaloto and I were all 1 cooking group. Collecting ingredients, mixing, squashing and working together was a good experience for me, we learnt how to make scones. After a while of running, cooking and laughing, in the end, our scones came out great and tasted delicious. It was the end of that activity and I wouldn’t mind doing it again any time soon.

The day ended as planned and I had a great sleep too. All I could think about was the last day at SWIM-A-RAMA! To be continued..

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  1. Hi Syliva
    I love your post about day 2 at camp.It was very interesting.I was really hooked in.Did you have fun at camp I did.Keep up the great work.


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