Monday, February 27, 2012

My Symbols

For the past 2 weeks , Mrs Tele'a gave us a task in Extension to complete & make her learn more about us more , not just in words , but with graphics as well. It took me a long while to think , but this is what I thought would really show more about me ..
1. The left corner on the top symbolises me & how I love to read at times. I drew this graphic because , it's my favorite subject at school & something a little more interesting to do outdoors. My favorite types of books a the ones that keep me in suspense.
2. The right corner on the top symbolises the passion I have for Netball. This sport is well known in my family & is pretty much my goal in the future: To be a STAR!
3. The left corner at the bottom symbolises how much I love to let my voice out & sing. It may be not the best thing to like , but it is what I love to do in my spare time. A girl like me are into things like this.
4. The right corner at the bottom symbolises how much my mouth likes to munch on FOOD! It's a habit that I love to eat , it's just the way I love to express myself.

If you would like to visit & see what I made : Visit this link here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Personal Goals for 2012 ..

Above here , is My Personal Goals for 2012 . Included in this presentation , are the things I am & was most proud of , the things I need to work on , the area's I need to work around & my GOAL for this year . Enjoy the post :)

Show Not Tell ..

Tears of misery ran down her rosy red cheeks. Hunched over, her tears dropped to the ground like rain from the sky. As she blew her nose her sister was looking at her, but her hair hid her face.

Facebook gone wrong ..

A 15 year old girl in America , thought only her friends would see the nasty post she dedicated to her parents on Facebook. Little did she know that she had forgotten to put Max, her dog on the ‘family’ group which she had blocked from the post she had recently published.
As soon as her dad saw the nasty post about him and his wife, he got out his camera and recorded him getting his gun out and shooting his daughters laptop also saying “if you want a laptop now, get if from your own money”.

As soon as she saw the recording, she bursted out in tears. But , at some stage , she knew what she did was wrong , so she apologised to her parents & was alright with what her father had done. She just had to face consequences & move on.

Too often these days , teenagers don’t care about what they post. Even though they think their Facebook settings are on private, it doesn’t actually mean no-one can see it. The ramifications of this problem can be very dangerous and can cause very unhappy teenagers during their lifetime.

Cyber Safety ..

As Kathy opened her laptop screen and logged into Facebook, little did she know that the image Kathy posted a few days earlier had gone live and I’m not trying to say just around her environment, I mean all over, all over the world. Kathy was frustrated. “How do I take this off?” Well the answer was, she couldn’t, NEVER. Once you upload a image online, there’s a 99% chance that you would never be able to take it off again. She was mortified.

HUGE ramifications can happen if you are not beware of your child’s safety at this age. There are many people out there that may not be as friendly as some . There is always a situation once , where a child might put inappropriate videos , pictures or some sort of a kind that will hurt people’s feelings through their lifetime. So , I urge you to take care of your child & BEWARE of the danger that can happen ...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A cold day at the Beach ..

Unexpectedly the great wind blew me away roughly. My teeth chattered. It was a blue day and my body felt numb. Shivering and freezing, I grabbed my beach bag and pulled out my blanket as fast as I could. I wrapped it around me. It was quivering and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Thanks to this link for letting me reuse this image.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poem about me!

I am a daughter ,
Always there for a helping hand ,

I am a netball player ,
Hoping one day to be a Silver Fern ,

I am a reader ,
Scary books give me the chills ,

I am a movie lover ,
Action Movies make me jump ,

I am 11 years old ,
The youngest of 2 children .