Friday, July 20, 2012

Brown Brother - Joshua Iosefa

A speech had to be delivered and spoken in front of the students at Mt Roskill Grammar by the prefects. Joshua Iosefo thought it would be his opportunity to write and recite a poem instead of doing a speech. The title of the poem was called ‘Brown Brother’, which is about where he comes from, what his future holds and the life that has gone past.

A bunch of students from my class watched the clip of Joshua reciting his poem live. It was a very interesting but touching poem he had created. The message he spoke in his words were clear enough for me to have ideas of what he tried to say. He taught us that we shall not be afraid to change and that we shall not listen to stereotypes. It may have sounded like he was rapping, but during that time, he had meaning to what he was saying.

From that poem, I learnt that I don’t have to be what people expect to see of me. I was proud that someone had written and shared a poem about how we should be true to who we are. So in conclusion, I think this person did a great job of writing a poem about what he thinks needs to be heard.

Here's a link to his poem being recited live.

Precious McKenzie (Sylvia, Mino, Jarna)

Precious McKenzie the weightlifter, was preparing himself mentally for the final lift. The weight of the bar showed no mercy and brought tension to his body.  As muscles grew taut his veins were bulging, with the struggle to continue. Reaching towards the end he was determined to succeed.

Sunday, July 15, 2012