Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Immersion Assembly.

On Monday Pt England school had an Immersion Assembly. We were talking about Dino-Might the new thing the school was learning about this term in the hall.

All the teachers had to do an Item about dinosaurs. The first teachers that went up were Mrs.Lal,Mrs.Wild,Mrs.George and Mrs.Katu.Theyn were making a film for team 1. They did a video about them in the jungle smiling behind bushes. When they were finished they held up cardboard's that said''We Are Not Extinct (Yet)''.

Team 2 was next. The teachers were awesome It was Miss Va'afusuaga,Mrs Glaze and Mrs She. They did a rap about dinosaurs and they did a dance about the rap too. They were really great.

Team 3 did an item about searching for fossils. They were pretending to be paleontologists. They were using shovels ,magnifying glasses,computers and back -packs. They found really big bones and it was really interesting.

Team 4 was next. It was Mrs Nua,Ms King,Ms Squires and Mr Palmer. They did a film about them reading in the library. They all had an awful dream about them being in a jungle with all the dinosaurs chasing them. It was a really cool and interesting movie to watch.

The E-learning team were Mrs Burt and Mrs Tele'a. They were cool too they did a film about them taking a computer and Mrs Tele'a was Mrs Burt's tree. Both of them were awesome. [They were cool].

When all the films were finished I couldn't really feel my legs and I was yawning to much. Learning about dinosaurs is really cool I think nexty year I am still going to think about dinosaurs and I think it was a good idea to learn about dinosaurs.

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  1. Hi sylvia,
    Thanks for commenting on
    my blog.
    Your immersion assembly is really
    wriiten out well.
    You really described how
    Mrs Nua looked like
    or should I call her the Sympathetic
    fairy god mother.
    Well keep up the good work.

    God Bless.

    By Joshua.


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