Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My friend Angela

Hello my name is Sylvia and I'd just like to talk about another friend which is more like all my other friends Angela. Angela is a humorous and lovely friend. We fight a lot but the next day it is better and we start playing around and having fun. The best thing I like about her is when she See's me and I am lonely she will ask if I want to play with her and her other friends. We both met in room11 and then we went to room12 and 13 and we came to room15 and that's how we became best friends. Angela is a girl that anyone would want to be friends with because tells real funny jokes. Well that's all the time I got for now so bye!!!


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  1. HI Sylvia Angela is so funny sometimes she has the passion of doing anything she has got some really good thoughts of what she might want to be when she grows up!!!


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