Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cross Country...

At the start line all the competitive children were eagerly awaiting for the race to start. My heart was pounding with nervous excitement. I was jittery and jumpy.

BANG! Mr Burt's clappers went and all the children ran with a burst of speed. As I was powering ahead with my friend I jostling for position. " Ouch " I said " Did someone poke me".

Exhausted with aching muscles my lungs were screaming. I asked myself if I was able to continue. I was lagging behind my muscles were straining with burning lungs.

While I was running I could feel the mud squelching on my feet. As soon as I caught up to my friend Athena I yelled out " Can you wait for me please " and she stopped. We started to walk and we talked and took our time.

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  1. Hi Sylvia

    I cracked up at the way you described your exhaustion.. awesome story

    From Mum


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