Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tamaki College.

On Friday Mr Borland from Tamaki College kindly invited Room17 to the Tamaki College gym where we did P.E.
The first game we played was called ''Waka''. There were 4 wakas and what we had to do was get all 4 wakas from one side to the other. Our strategy was to walk on the wakas and there always had to be one waka. We had to keep on passing the wakas along. The tricky part was that we weren't allowed to fall or the whole class will have to start again. It was the best day ever.


  1. Hi Sylvia

    "WOW"That looks like fun.That was kind of Mr Borland from Tamaki Collage to invite your class to the gym.

    Yours sincerly Te Roimta

  2. hi Sylvia
    what a great time you had there with room 17. and it looks like fun .And that was nice from Mr Borland that he invite you and room 17.

  3. Hi Sylvia,

    Sione and I really liked this post about your time at the Tamaki College gym, keep up the good work

    From mum and Sione

  4. Hi Kayla,

    Thanks for the wonderful comment and it was kind of hard and maybe you should try it some time. Thanks again and I really appreciate it!!

    From Sylvia.


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