Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My best friend Jarna

Hello my name is Sylvia  and I'd like to just talk about my best friend Jarna. Well it all started in kindergarten when me and Jarna met we always use to play with each other. I always use to kind of play rough on her.Everytime when we had to go eat and play I sometimes use to take her lunch. Jarna was a smart girl in kindergarten she knew good and bad things so I wasn't that good in kindergarten. Then we both turned 5 years old and we went to the same school Pt England priamy school. We were both in the same class on our first day of school. Belive me I we still fought in there so the teacher caught us and Jarna had to go to room 2 and we never fought again. After we kept on changing classes. But right now she is in my class again room 15 and year 5. She is a really smart and funny girl that is really good at the sport soccer she would always ask me to practise with her. Jarna is a really good friend to ask to play with because she is a fair and funny girl. Jarna is my best friend in the whole wide world and I think I would never forget she was my best friend in the world.

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