Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A hot day, freezing water and a bit of FUN!

"You jump in first" said Mino softly. "No, you go first" I said with a finger pointing to the water. "We'll jump in altogether on my call" said Lena standing on the corner of the pool. "3....2....1....JUMP!" Before you knew it, a big SPLASH had frightened those that had already managed to be in the pool. While Mino and Lena were planning on staying warm, it was that time again to be aware of the sun.. Meaning, I didn't want to be another Mr Crab's and be burnt!

As I slowly came up and out of the pool, I rubbed the blur out of my eyes and walked at a fast pace to get to the Hydroslide. A chilly gush of wind blew past my face calmly and managed to make my hair look like a total mess. I walked through the doors and up the stairs I went. "I'm going to beat you" said a person from this direction, "Not if I'm there first" yelled the other dashing up the stairs. It felt as if I was hallucinating at that moment but I had reached the slide just in time...

"WOOHOO!" was all I could hear when people were sliding down. I was getting impatient and was shivering. "Yes, my turn" I mumbled to myself. I sat at the top, waited for the signal and closed my eyes. "GO!" Toreka shouted at me and down I went. Sliding down, I took a peek back and no longer had a bright view, the dark, dim tunnel had taken over the light. The water was speeding past me with great strength. Light started to show, I prepared myself for what I was going to come against and SPLASH! Water had been splattered all over my face! I stood up, wiped my face and made way for the next person to come out. That was my first and best Hydroslide ride ever.

Exiting the Hydroslide, I wrapped myself with a towel, grabbed my bags and walked to have a nice warm shower. I dropped my bags, stepped into the nearest shower and pushed the button. All I could feel were little drops of water dripping down my body, which game me a big energy boost. I felt pleased and a little high after my shower, it felt so good...

Sadly to say, camp had come to an end. I thought this would be the best camp so far. Reasons for that was because I got to spend a great amount of time with my close friends, see new faces and it was my last year. It would of been worth all the time in the world!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Leave a Positive footprint..

This was a task we were given by Ms Squires a few weeks ago. It took me longer that I thought it would but in the end, I finished! This movie is about doing the right thing and leaving a smart footprint where ever you go. The movie I prepared for you to watch is pretty short and it only gives one piece of advice and a way to leave a positive footprint. In the end, this is what I came up with.. (:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camp Day 2

Most of us campers were exhausted, freezing and worrying about looks in the morning. As for me, I was too busy shivering to say or do anything. I peeked out of my tent and walked out looking confused. As I strolled onto the bottom field, I heard music which gave me memories when I was young, ‘JUMP JAM!’ Teachers were persuading us to join in because it was fun but it felt like punishment from where I was standing. Besides the yawning, exhaustion and the shivering, it felt like the day was going good.

I have to admit, day 2 went splendidly well than I thought it would go. I loved all of the activities but I perfer to tell you my favourite highlight for the day. With a nice hot touch to the day, I was enjoying it so far.

Food Prep had to be my highlight for the day and not just because I heard the word ‘FOOD’ but because it was fun. I learnt something even outside of camp. Anyway, Joe, Lesley, Havea, Unaloto and I were all 1 cooking group. Collecting ingredients, mixing, squashing and working together was a good experience for me, we learnt how to make scones. After a while of running, cooking and laughing, in the end, our scones came out great and tasted delicious. It was the end of that activity and I wouldn’t mind doing it again any time soon.

The day ended as planned and I had a great sleep too. All I could think about was the last day at SWIM-A-RAMA! To be continued..

Monday, March 19, 2012

Show Not Tell ..

Show Not Tell

I hit the ball back across the table and BANG, Mino hit back almost unintentionally. “Gosh, Mino you're such a good player!” I shouted still looking at the tiny ball as if it were prey. Carefully aiming to the other side of the table, I swung my arm, but with no luck, I failed.

Written by Mubasshira & Sylvia

Friday, March 16, 2012

Camp Day 1

It was Monday morning, my eyes were blurry and I felt so sluggish. I searched for where my group had set up for camp, I dragged my bag, pillow and blanket slowly to the corner of the hall. We got called to line up in the front, I moaned with a frown on my face and sat down quietly.

I’m talking about the Year 7 and 8 camp by the way. Turns out, it was perfect for camping. The sun was shining, kids were having fun and I was trying not to get burnt. I’d rather tell you than show you the two main things I enjoyed, the day was just about to begin..

Joe and I settled the group down in the hall for some ‘OLD SKOOL’ games with Mr Harris. There were a variety of games. You had the type of games that were boring and you had the types that you just couldn’t get enough of. The one game that stood out for me would have to be Captain’s deck, it was addicting. I surprised myself with the rolling, standing, sitting, lying down and running, it was exhausting but it was something to enjoy. Not so long after, we led our group out of the hall and onto our next activity, which was pretty cool.

When it came to inventing, structuring and building, I wasn’t the best at it. Listening to Mr Barks give the instructions for the Amazing Race, made me feel excited but confused at the same time. The slingshots were pretty difficult to build from my point of view, I was struggling to tie the elastic together with the stick. It took my group and I a more than 10 minutes to complete our slingshot. I wouldn’t say we failed, it was more like an in completed task. In the end, we didn’t get too many shots and we didn’t get much bonus either. Besides the running, panting and weezing, this was a great start to the day. I may have been tired and had no energy but it was a GREAT day.

With a great start to the day, I couldn’t help but think all night about the next. I can’t wait until Day 2.

Ben Carson

Benjamin Carson was born in 1951 and lived in Detroit Michigan with his family for a short time. His mother Sonya, dropped out of third grade and decided to get married at the age of 13. Unfortunately, a few years later, when Benjamin was 8 years of age, the parents got divorced. Sonya had a very hard life after they had got divorced, she had to work 2 or 3 jobs a day so she could help provide for her children.

As for school, because of their difficult childhood, Benjamin and Curtis were pretty low with their grades. In 5th grade, Ben was actually the lowest student in his class. All his classmates use to call him dummy, which caused him to develop an uncontrollable temper. His mother then decided that she would try her best to educate her children. She limited their television watching to only 2 - 3 programs a week. She ordered them to get 2 books out of the library and give her a written report at the end of the week. Initially Ben got annoyed at doing this, he was jealous that he couldn’t be like the other kids and play outside.

After weeks, reading books and learning new things everyday, Benjamin was a changed person. An ordinary day at school, had changed Benjamin’s life. His teacher brought a rock sample for the class. He asked the kids if they knew the name of the rock, knowing Ben, he was the shy one and wouldn’t put up his hand. He looked around and saw that nobody had their hand up. He volunteered, the class grew quite as their teacher said “Ben?”. They turned and stared at him and started laughing. They were intending he would get the answer wrong. Ben had amazed his class with the new knowledge he showed. A year or so later Benjamin Carson had become the top of the class and made his mother proud. The one thing he needs to work on was his temper, he needed to take control and put it away.

Friday, March 2, 2012


It might not have been the best day for a Picnic, but it’s better to be outdoors on the last day of the week than indoors learning. Mr Burt clearly knew what would make our students Pt England school happy, especially starting the year off with some fun. Going to our school beach is common to us students. Unlike some of the new children and those younger than me, I’ve been enjoying days like this for the past 8 years.

Mr Burt set off with a pack of year 8’s following him, through the gates and into Pt England reserve we went. It didn’t take so long for us to arrive. Most of us year 8’s were panting, weezing, moaning and relieved we had finally reached the reserve. After listening to a moment of Mr Burt’s words of wisdom, prayer ad rules, we then rushed off to find the best spot to hang around for the day. I was planning to at least close my eyes.

“VIA! can you come and play for my team, we need one more player?” Thora (my friend) shouted across the field. I moaned lifting my head up with a frown on my face. “It’s just volleyball, what’s the worst that could happen?” Turns out, I wasn’t so bad at volley after all, I have some skills in me. All I had to do was serve the ball. I only had to work on my aiming as I hit a few heads which didn’t look nice from where I was standing.

After a moment of running around, it was time to eat. That sure did make me exhausted. I felt de-hydrated. As usual, when we eat, we all seemed to have something funny to share. This time, I wasn’t the one being a clown , it was my other friend Seini-Mino doing faces and saying things that nearly made me choke. I ended up eating a sandwich and a mandarin. Not long after that, it was time to finish the day off and leave our beautiful beach once again.

Before any students or teachers left, Mr Burt closed our wonderful day with a prayer. Leaving the reserve, I was thinking about how fun my day was. It didn’t go how it was planned in mind but I’m sure most of us had fun anyway. This may not have been the best picnic ever, but it certainly was one to remember.