Monday, March 2, 2009

cooperative challenge.

Last week on Tuesday at 9:30 room 15 went to the hall and played a game. Ms Squires gave out newspaper and we got three each. We had to stand on the newspaper and jump and make it from the beginning of the hall to the end.

We had to get into groups of four and in my team was Troy, Seini-Mino, Marven, Dillion and me. We had to get on a newspaper with a partner from your own team. My partner was Seini-Mino. Every single team weren't allowed to touch the ground or we would have to start at the beginning.

When I heard we had decided to slide on the newspapers I got all nervous. But when I did it, it was kind of easy. Everybody was concentrating and some people were moaning. My team was yelling and we planned to keep on passing it on and jumping. All the teams were great.

Ms Squires was taking photos of us playing the game. My team was falling over everywhere. We were pushing each-other to make them hurry-up.

We started to rip the newspaper because we weren't carefull enough. Marven and Dillion were fast. Seini-mino and I were as fast as cheetahs.

Troy didn't want to play so we got Jonathan from the other team. We only had four people because our team was being naughty. My team nearly won but Ala's team won. Lepa's team came second and my team came third. Toreka's team came last. When my team came third I was like yay we came third and then we got our shoes and we went back to class. When we got to class I sat on the mat and I felt really really happy.

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