Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I said to myself “I can’t wait to start tech”. Walking into Tamaki College was like entering a whole new enviroment. It was like I was in wonderland.

As the children were chattering we got there we got told to line up in our Tech lines to wait for our teachers to come and take us. As I was chattering excitedly to my friend next to me, we got told to start making our way to science class with Mr Duan. I was so EXCITED!!

Making our way to the science room, I was walking hurriedly eager to step inside the science room for the very first time. We got to sit anywhere we wanted to, but there had to be at least 5 or more people at your science table. At my table was Ala, Jarna, Matthew, Aidan and of course me.

Once we were seated in our seats, nice and comfortable, without wasting any time we got started straight away. I was ready to start doing experiments and start mixing chemicals and liquids when he said, “Today we are just going to start with the simple things” and that’s when I froze completely for a whole minute saying in my head “WHAT DID HE SAY?”

My brain was so caught in the moment about learning about plants and living creatures that I totally forgot about wanting to learn about experiments and chemicals. Mr Duan finally asked me a question about living creatures. He asked me “Sylvia, Is a tree a living thing?”. I looked at him with a weird look and then the answer popped into my head. I said “YES!’’ and it was correct.

We did other things like looking at pictures of venous flytraps and and knowing what they like to do and eat. I was learning a new skill every time he told us about a new living creature or mammal or even plants. It was very impressing to know that my Science class had known a lot of new things in 2 hours tops.

Once we heard the Tamaki bell go we had to leave the Science room with sadness. We got taken out of the Science room with our Science teacher, Mr Duan. We lined up outside near the Tamaki College gates right near the front. Mrs Nua said in a loud voice to start walking back to school.

So it sadly came to an end. I had learnt a great experience with Mr Duan and hoping to do it again so I was quite happy. I was hoping that tech could have been a lot longer, but the main thing was I learnt something.

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  1. Hi sylvia

    what a great story about going to tamaki to have teck . Did you injoy it hope you make another story .


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