Thursday, March 17, 2011

An amazing Camp highlight.....

The highlight of Camp TC for me was ROCK UP, but the one that surprised me most was the one and only: DUNKER. The aim of the game was to see how long you can stay on top and not get dunked in the water. Unfortunately, I got dunked into the water with one throw, with a surprising fall into the cold water. The most valuable lesson I learnt at ROCK UP, was knowing how to work with a team and Co-Operating altogether. Camp was also about learning our heading for Camp this year and it was to TAKE CHARGE.


  1. Sylvia man too much explaining making me feel why I didn't come camp. I did miss out heaps as everyone said.


  2. Hi Sylvia

    I really thought your post was cool. I like the dunker bet too also thanks for your comment on my post camp TC.
    Anyway have a great day.

    your sincerely Jarna.


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