Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Pitch a tent.....

Fly (Outer tent)
Inner tent

INSTRUCTIONS (Be aware that this may not be suitable for some types of tents)

During this process, make sure that you put spare pegs and poles in to the bag it came in.

1. First of all, you will need to unfold the base of the tent and lay it down. Ensure that the opening of the tent is facing the right way. Get a peg and place it through the eyelit. Hammer it in to the ground at a 45 degree angle AND so it is a bit hard to pull out. Repeat on every corner.

2. Once you have finished hammering the pegs, you will have to get the poles out and clip the black hooks on to the poles. One pole, through the inner tent. Once they reach the other side of the tent have a friend pull it out and put it in the second smaller eyelet. Repeat this process for the second pole.

3. Thirdly, you will need the fly (outer tent). Place it carefully on top of the inner tent. Make sure that the fly’s entrance matches the inner tents door.

4. You will find that there are little ropes attached to the fly. These are called Guy Ropes. You will need more pegs for this. Hammer them down as you did the same with the four corners. But you don’t need to secure it as tightly.

5. Once you have finished that, you may admire you’re perfectly pitched tent.

Hopefully . . . . . .


  1. I like to go camping a lot, and you did a very thorough job in telling how to pitch a tent. I also found it interesting to learn the technical terms for the parts of the tent, such as the guy ropes. That is very cool! This is a very informative blog post. Great job!!

  2. Hi sylvia

    I like going camp as well but one thing i dont like is standing up the tant becaus i do not kown how to do it but now i kown how to do it thanks to your story


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