Tuesday, March 8, 2011


If you don't know what this weird looking thing is, then it is called a Pie Chart. This is how I found out what people's favorite animal was. Look at this and you'll find out.

First I had to go on Google docs and find out how to make a form and graph. Then I used a tally chart to see how many people liked a Cheetah, Tiger, Jaguar, Shark, Zebra and a Pussy cat which was extra.

As you can see below, the most popular animal was obviously a Cheetah with 44% and then followed by a Jaguar with 24%. I would have thought a Tiger had been the best because of it's speed and you know it's teeth and strong parts.

So now that you know what a pie Chart is, you can learn how to make one and know how to use one. Now in your own spare time or maths time you can make a Pie Chart, that's only if you want to.
11 (44%)

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