Sunday, September 16, 2012

Social for 2012

Tonight was the night. Black, white and gold balloons stood out from the side walls and multi-coloured lights were shimmering around the floor. Music was pumping, giving a big welcome to our Year 7 and 8 students who came to the Social. As prefects, Joe, Samson, Selena, Mino, Reka and I also had duties to focus on during the night. I think we let the nerves get to us....

As more people came rushing through the entrance, I waved to a few of my friends grooving to the music. Everyone who joined us were greeted by Mrs Tele’a and were shown the boundaries. Music played to get students warmed up for the Dance competition, that was great news for all of us. The night had just begun.

Moments later, the hall was filled with kids yelling and cheering for the Dougie contestants. I wasn’t one of them but I had the opportunity of being a judge. It came to mind that we had a clear winner... Nezinli. He seemed to be the last man standing on the dance floor who was competing against Mary, who couldn’t quite reach his standards. We were proud to award one of the prizes to Nezinli for winning the Dougie Competition of 2012.

It didn’t take me a while to notice that everyone had saved their best dance move for the very last song. Not too long after that, Mr Burt (Our principal) said a prayer for us and thanked everyone who helped organise the evening. I have to admit, for a Social that we planned for the very first time in our lives, went pretty good. Cross my fingers, there will be a next Social.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Tele'a, Mrs Nua, Mr Burt, Mr Jacobsen and Mrs Flavelle, because without your help, none of this would of happened.

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