Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Olympic Day

A slight change had been made before the day had started. Instead of me being the leader of Spain, I was now the captain of Italy. A procession was performed by children from each country as a tradition of the Olympic games. All the teams were chanting and cheering “ITALY! SCOTLAND! SPAIN! MEXICO!” just to keep the faith of their team strong. As team leader, I had no choice but to go with the flow.

A feeling of excitement shot through me. My only down point was I hadn't been grouped with any of my friends from class or from around the school. All I got left with was a bunch of boys who payed no attention, like literally. Kayde and I had our team under control and hopefully... Just hopefully, we had a chance of winning.

3-legged Soccer? I murmured to myself. With or without a ball, I wasn’t very good at keeping my balance. It seemed to be my weakness. Tyla and I were partners for this event and were suddenly enemies with the players of Scotland. The both of us were struggling to maneuver up and down the field. We were planning on to at least touch the ball.

“GET THE BALL! PASS IT!” Other teams were soon going to lose their voices if they carried on with what they were doing. The ball was being passed up and down the court smoothly. It was halftime, which meant it was time to switch over. Portugal had a team talk with their captain and surprisingly gave them a boost to keep going. The game came to an end. With shocking results, Portugal had taken the victory for that event.

The day had ended and by that time, I had given up on my team long before. I learn the same experiences every time our school has an event together. Winning matters to some but having fun means alot to more people. I realised after a few events that winning didn’t matter, but having fun did. Go team Italy!

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