Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Iosefo - My Inspiration

Joshua Iosefo, his Mother and his Father were visiting the Year 7 and 8 students of Pt England School. He was here to recite the Spoken Word he had written and presented through Campbell Live and school. We had the opportunity to listen and observe what he had to say.

After Joshua had inspired us with his word, he was keen to answer some questions we had prepared for him. He had been entertaining us the whole way through, which made me laugh quite a bit. It was an awesome experience to have with him and his parents. I enjoyed it.

He shared with all of us how he wrote his poem and how he got all his ideas. Does the play Sinarella sound familiar? Apparently, that play had inspired him in different ways. However... What he said were also based on true stories, what he had seen and how he saw the world. “I could listen to him all day” I thought to myself.

I thought listening to Joshua speak was worth all the time we had. I’d seen confident people speaking in front of a crowd before, but to take a risk and fight for brown people... Now that’s what you call a hero. He has a gift. A great one as well.

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  1. Hello Sylvia
    I just wanted to write to thank you for giving up some of your learning time yesterday morning to show us around your amazing school. I was so impressed with everything I saw and very envious of all the technology you have to use as a tool in your elearning. It is fantastic to have such supportive parents, whanau and learning leaders who understand the way teaching and learning happens. Thank you again for your time and enthusiasm.
    Kerry Guise from Wanaka Primary School.


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