Friday, May 4, 2012

The Abundance

The Abundance illustrated by Daniella Hulmes was a brilliant piece of painting.  She was a person that enjoyed anything that associated with art. Daniella had decided to be an artist but her parents thought it wasn’t a good job choice because the ammount of money she would make. She had become a nurse for a few years, then got married and since then, she had become a fanatic of art and talked about it non-stop. He husband couldn’t take it anymore so he bought her an easel, paint supplies. It get’s even better when he enrolls her into an art class.

Daniella’s purpose of painting was to show joy and happiness. She loved working with bright, vibrant colours so she could bring happiness to homes. Oil paints was all she used because she loved the texture, smell, the feeling and the depth.

She was inspired by her husband’s culture (Samoa) because she loved the Island look and the style. When you have one look at the artworks drawn by her, you can really see the Pacific iconography.

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