Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A hot day, freezing water and a bit of FUN!

"You jump in first" said Mino softly. "No, you go first" I said with a finger pointing to the water. "We'll jump in altogether on my call" said Lena standing on the corner of the pool. "3....2....1....JUMP!" Before you knew it, a big SPLASH had frightened those that had already managed to be in the pool. While Mino and Lena were planning on staying warm, it was that time again to be aware of the sun.. Meaning, I didn't want to be another Mr Crab's and be burnt!

As I slowly came up and out of the pool, I rubbed the blur out of my eyes and walked at a fast pace to get to the Hydroslide. A chilly gush of wind blew past my face calmly and managed to make my hair look like a total mess. I walked through the doors and up the stairs I went. "I'm going to beat you" said a person from this direction, "Not if I'm there first" yelled the other dashing up the stairs. It felt as if I was hallucinating at that moment but I had reached the slide just in time...

"WOOHOO!" was all I could hear when people were sliding down. I was getting impatient and was shivering. "Yes, my turn" I mumbled to myself. I sat at the top, waited for the signal and closed my eyes. "GO!" Toreka shouted at me and down I went. Sliding down, I took a peek back and no longer had a bright view, the dark, dim tunnel had taken over the light. The water was speeding past me with great strength. Light started to show, I prepared myself for what I was going to come against and SPLASH! Water had been splattered all over my face! I stood up, wiped my face and made way for the next person to come out. That was my first and best Hydroslide ride ever.

Exiting the Hydroslide, I wrapped myself with a towel, grabbed my bags and walked to have a nice warm shower. I dropped my bags, stepped into the nearest shower and pushed the button. All I could feel were little drops of water dripping down my body, which game me a big energy boost. I felt pleased and a little high after my shower, it felt so good...

Sadly to say, camp had come to an end. I thought this would be the best camp so far. Reasons for that was because I got to spend a great amount of time with my close friends, see new faces and it was my last year. It would of been worth all the time in the world!

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  1. Hey Sylvia,

    Nice writing. I really enjoyed reading it. I loved how you used a variety of sentence types. Your writing is very good and it is one of the one's I would love to read all the time. I could tell you had a great time at Swimarama like a lot of other people. Keep up the good work.

    Yours Sincerely,


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