Friday, March 16, 2012

Camp Day 1

It was Monday morning, my eyes were blurry and I felt so sluggish. I searched for where my group had set up for camp, I dragged my bag, pillow and blanket slowly to the corner of the hall. We got called to line up in the front, I moaned with a frown on my face and sat down quietly.

I’m talking about the Year 7 and 8 camp by the way. Turns out, it was perfect for camping. The sun was shining, kids were having fun and I was trying not to get burnt. I’d rather tell you than show you the two main things I enjoyed, the day was just about to begin..

Joe and I settled the group down in the hall for some ‘OLD SKOOL’ games with Mr Harris. There were a variety of games. You had the type of games that were boring and you had the types that you just couldn’t get enough of. The one game that stood out for me would have to be Captain’s deck, it was addicting. I surprised myself with the rolling, standing, sitting, lying down and running, it was exhausting but it was something to enjoy. Not so long after, we led our group out of the hall and onto our next activity, which was pretty cool.

When it came to inventing, structuring and building, I wasn’t the best at it. Listening to Mr Barks give the instructions for the Amazing Race, made me feel excited but confused at the same time. The slingshots were pretty difficult to build from my point of view, I was struggling to tie the elastic together with the stick. It took my group and I a more than 10 minutes to complete our slingshot. I wouldn’t say we failed, it was more like an in completed task. In the end, we didn’t get too many shots and we didn’t get much bonus either. Besides the running, panting and weezing, this was a great start to the day. I may have been tired and had no energy but it was a GREAT day.

With a great start to the day, I couldn’t help but think all night about the next. I can’t wait until Day 2.

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