Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Facebook gone wrong ..

A 15 year old girl in America , thought only her friends would see the nasty post she dedicated to her parents on Facebook. Little did she know that she had forgotten to put Max, her dog on the ‘family’ group which she had blocked from the post she had recently published.
As soon as her dad saw the nasty post about him and his wife, he got out his camera and recorded him getting his gun out and shooting his daughters laptop also saying “if you want a laptop now, get if from your own money”.

As soon as she saw the recording, she bursted out in tears. But , at some stage , she knew what she did was wrong , so she apologised to her parents & was alright with what her father had done. She just had to face consequences & move on.

Too often these days , teenagers don’t care about what they post. Even though they think their Facebook settings are on private, it doesn’t actually mean no-one can see it. The ramifications of this problem can be very dangerous and can cause very unhappy teenagers during their lifetime.

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