Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This year I have really LOVED having a Netbook to work on because,

Now that we have netbooks to work with, it’s become much easier to write and publish posts on your blog. Other things that make this device much more simpler to use, is that, we can communicate and share our work much more faster than before. The best thing is, we can find more information and research quicker than ever.

Although work is much easier, it sometimes gets irritating when your netbooks starts to play up. Most times we have to restart the netbook because the screen is frozen. Our problem, has to do with the internet. Usually, the internet is down, so we are not able to do our work given.

For us, it is a HUGE difference between learning with a netbook and learning using pen and paper. For example, we have found it easy to share a doc instead of taking too much time and conferencing with a teacher, it’s simple. Toreka and I are glad, that we have a one in a lifetime chance to have a netbook for our very own use.

We have enjoyed using the netbook, the hardest thing for the both of us was, getting to know the netbook and all the little details we needed to learn. To be honest, the challenge for us was keeping ourselves away from the bad and dogey things like, games, twitter, youtube and much more, but we managed. We have got to admit, most of the time, this was an experience for us for 4 long and great terms.

If the Netbook scheme failed and our netbooks got taken away from us, we would probably be devistated and find our work much harder. Pen and Paper is not that bad, but after 1 day without a netbook, we think it would be difficult, without our little device here, speeding through our work.

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