Monday, November 28, 2011

Physical Sports

Out of all physical sports, what is the one sport that comes to your head? I can think of a variety of sports, but after listening to Mrs Nua going on about Tennis, and the fact that we were going to be doing some skills and to learn how to actually play, was not the sport I had in mind. Tennis was the last thing to come to my mind, I mean, What’s the worst that could happen? ...

BANG ! SMACK ! HIT ! There were balls flying everywhere once we set foot on that court. Our trainer introduced himself, and said he will be teaching us Tennis skills and playing a game of Tennis, every Thursday, for the next 4 weeks. That moment, my jaw dropped open and I said to myself, “If I can’t handle one day, how can I handle 4 weeks of this madness?” My day just got better by the moment.

“Get a partner and find a space on the court, and wait for my instructions”, He said loudly. I quickly called Selena (my friend) my way to practice with me. He said, “One of you, go to one side of the net and put your ball down”, Selena went and was ready to hit. “The other one, put your racquet down, and get your ball”. I knew it was going to be fine with Selena. We didn’t do well at first, but getting to the end, we got the hang of it.

“Quickly count yourselves into a team of 6 and I will come around and show you people a demo”. I was quite excited at this point, we were challenging each person in our team to see who is King of the court. I was up and I looked fine on the inside, but really, I was shaking in the inside. BANG ! My first challenger I beat, but the 2nd I unfortunetly lost against. I wasn’t the exact winner, but at least I had fun.

I think I judged this sport by it’s name thatn by what it was like. I think I should of waited before I said anything or did anything. I will be looking forward to the next lesson, and hopefully, I will be King of the Court.

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