Friday, November 16, 2012

The Bush

“It’s an awesome view isn’t it George?” Nina asked aloud.
“I agree” George replied.
Green trees blew from side to side, sending shivers down my spine. The citrul air had a funky smell to it. Who knew what it could be? As we carried on following a muddy path, the sky became dull and blurry. I was starting to have second thoughts about taking a shortcut.

I thought a dull sky could possibly lead to rain. “Anything to eat?” George groaned. I hushed him with an angry tone in my voice. This path is getting us nowhere, I mumbled to myself. Jumping and climbing over brick walls, I gasped for breath and finally admitted I was scared. Were we ever gonna make it home before dark? I thought to myself.

There was a change in my view as I looked way ahead. George and I decided to pace ourselves a little faster, though we didn’t know where we were going exactly. “Could that be.....?” George stuttered. The both of us ran with a feeling of relief. With luck on our side, we were finally on our way home... Thankfully!

As I wiped the sweat off my forehead, I thought back to what I thought, was an endless nightmare. While we walked back home nice and easy, we grinned at each other. George looked like a walking zombie and as for me.. I was thinking of what to say when Mum asks us “Where were you?”
“Promise me, we are never to take shortcuts again” George protested with his hand out.

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