Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No ordinary Girl

“OH MY GOSH!” Mino reacted this way when our plans for the day were to paint and be creative. As I interrupted during the talk about what the instructions were, Mino glared at me and hushed me until I was completely silent. I knew Mino, when it came to being creative, being a movie maker, animating and especially being a member of a group discussion, she was focused and ready.

Back when my friends and I were younger than today, Mino had to be the one who stood out the most. She had long smooth bushy hair, cute round eyes and was very quiet. She was more of a mover than a talker but nowadays, it’s the other way around. She’d always been fond of drawing, being creative and being a movie maker the most at school which showed she was a talented young girl. We’d always loved to talk, run around and be different to other children and as we grew up, we still stayed the same.

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