Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maths Whizz

As you can see up above, there is a picture of the these things: My Maths age, My Usage and last but not least, my Performance. As you can see, in the last 7 days I started off with, 0.00 and have now gone up to, 11.52, which I think is a great from the last. My usage as you can see, started from 0 minutes of usage, but now, I am now using a total of 205 minutes. My performance looks as if it has been improved for the last 7 days. So there you go, that is where I am at my Maths Whizz. If you want to visit or sign up for this site for free, just go to,


  1. Hi Sylvia,
    WOW! Looks like you have improved a lot! Your usage on Maths whizz is amazing. Your performance is impressive too. If you would have looked at mine, it wouldn't be as impressive as yours.

    Keep up the great work on Maths whizz Sylvia!

  2. Hello Sylvia!
    You're doing really well on Maths Whizz. You've really improved on it! You must be better than me! I'm trying to stay on for half an hour or so.

    Awesome work on Maths Whizz!


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